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WristBabe | Subscription Box Overview & Review

WristBabe is a monthly jewelry subscription box for women. Each box contains either one wristwatch, one bracelet, or both, in each case handpicked to match your style preferences. The subscription is meant to inject some affordable and high-quality style into ladies’ watches, without the cheap and ugly toy material that is often used in watches for women.

This is an overview and review of the WristBabe subscription. Click here to see our monthly unboxing and review posts.

WristBabe February 2019 Haul In Box Crinkle Paper From Right

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Subscription Options

WristBabe is a monthly subscription that offers three different subscription options: watch only, bracelet only, and both watch and bracelet.

Cost of Subscription

A WristBabe subscription costs:

  • Watch Only: $29 per month
  • Bracelet Only: $12 per month
  • Watch & Bracelet: $36 per month

All subscriptions bill on a monthly basis. Because there is no option to prepay, there is also no prepayment discount. Bummer!

If you are subscribing for a watch, it makes a lot of sense to go for the combination subscription, because you get a bracelet for only $7 more. This is about 42% off the cost of the bracelet in the “Bracelet Only” subscription, which is pretty substantial.

But if you are not into watches, it’s great that you can still subscribe just to build your bracelet collection.

International Shipping

Shipping Rates

International shipping costs are as follows:

  • U.S.: FREE
  • Canada: $6 per box
  • Rest of World (including Japan): $9 per box

They do say that U.S. shipping is free “virtually anywhere,” and that international shipping is $9 “for most locations,” so please let us know if you had a different experience when pricing out your shipping charges.

Therefore, the total cost of an annual subscription (billed monthly) shipped to Tokyo is:

  • Watch Only: $456, or $38 per box
  • Bracelet Only: $252, $21 per box
  • Watch & Bracelet: $540, or $45 per box

Damaged Items & Refund Policy

WristBabe has a great policy on damaged goods. First, they inspect every shipment carefully before it goes out. (After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!) But if your watch is not working or is damaged, they will replace it free of charge if you send pictures.


WristBabe packages are shipped via USPS out of Texas, USA. Shipments are tracked, and you will receive an email with a tracking number when your box ships.

Average time from shipment to delivery: 10 days (as of February 2019). Click to learn more about average delivery times on Expat Box Life.


International shipping rating: 4/5. Reasonably priced delivery. Tracking. Clear damage resolution process.


WristBabe packages ship in a compact cardboard box that directly holds the items, and the box is protected by a plastic sleeve.

WristBabe Subscription Box

The box is branded on the outside, but not on the inside.

The items are packed around a display pillow and cushioned with colorful crinkle paper.

WristBabe February 2019 Haul on Watch Pillow

Occasionally, there is also an inner box to hold the pillow.

WristBabe February 2019 Shipping Boxes

My suspicion is that this is used when the bracelets will not stay or fit on the pillow.

WristBabe February 2019 Haul in Box

Packaging Rating: 3/5. Cute branding. Box is on the plainer side.

Customer Experience


During the subscription sign-up process, you will complete a brief profile questionnaire that asks about your preferences in the following areas:

  • Overall Style: trendy, clean, classic
  • Finishes: gold/rose gold, silver, stones/bling, leather, fabric/natural, wood
  • Watch Face Size: small, medium, large
  • Colors & Tones: neutrals, pastels, dark colors, bright colors

For each question, you can choose “mix it up” if you’d like a little of everything, and you can also choose more than one answer. And there is even a free-form comment box, in case there is something more specific that you are dying to tell the WristBabe curation team.

In my opinion, rose gold and gold should be separate options, because there are definitely people that hate one and love the other! Other than that, this survey seems to hit all of the important questions, and it should give you comfort in their selection process if you are very picky about your style.


It is important to note that WristBabe hand-picks your pieces, and you are not permitted to exchange an item if you dislike it. They do invite subscribers to contact them if they dislike something and describe the elements that they don’t love, so that the styling team can make a better selection for the next box. But it would be nice if they sent out a review survey at the end of the month, so that subscribers wouldn’t have to go out of their way to contact the company with any negative feedback.


WristBabe does not include information about the sources of the watches and jewelry in the boxes. Of course, many watches have brands on the faces, and so it is possible to do your own research to find out about the watch manufacturers in some cases. But it would feel better to have at least some information about the items in the box, especially the bracelets.

Subscription Management

WristBabe uses the Cratejoy platform with a branded UI for subscription management. So the website is both user-friendly and transparent about your subscription details. For example, you can log into your customer dashboard at any time to review your billing information, address, and renewal date. You can even change your shipping address or payment information without contacting customer service.

Customer Experience Rating: 4/5. User-friendly. Customized to personal style preferences. Can edit current subscription online. Great UI. Brands not disclosed.

Allergy & Accessibility Issues

Expat Box Life aims to provide reviews that cover accessibility issues for health needs, allergies, dietary preferences, and disabilities.

Let us know in the comments if there are any accessibility needs that you would like us to address for the WristBabe subscription!

Charitable Giving

WristBabe focuses on expanding its subscribers’ wristwatch and bracelet collections. As such, WristBabe does not advertise any charitable giving programs in connection with its subscriptions.

Charity Rating: 0/5. No charitable giving.

What do you think?

Do you have a WristBabe subscription? If so, let us know if you love your subscription box in the comments. Also, please drop a line to let us know if you agree with our review!

If you don’t have a subscription, are you thinking about subscribing? If so, stay tuned for our WristBabe subscription reviews and unboxing posts!

And if you are in the market for a fabulous subscription or gift box for women that offers global shipping, check out our round-up of the top 10 subscriptions for women who live abroad!

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