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WristBabe Subscription Box | January 2019 | Unboxing & Honest Review

This is an honest review and unboxing of the January 2019 edition of the WristBabe Watch and Bracelet subscription.

WristBabe is a monthly jewelry subscription box for women. Each box contains either one wristwatch, one bracelet, or both, in each case handpicked to match your style preferences. The subscription is meant to inject some affordable and high-quality style into ladies’ watches, without the cheap and ugly toy material that is often used in watches for women.

Each WristBabe subscription is tailored to your specific style profile, so your selection of items may differ.

WristBabe Subscription Box

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The Haul

My box contained a small wishing me a Happy New Year.

WristBabe January 2019 Welcome Card

This was my first month as a WristBabe subscriber, and I was so excited to see what the fashionistas would choose for me. I received the following items in my box:

  • Hannah Martin, Silver/White Wristwatch with Black Synthetic Leather Strap
  • Rhinestone Heart Bracelet in Rose Gold
  • Slide Cuff Silver Bracelet with Etched Pattern

WristBabe January 2019 Haul on Red Watch Pillow

Hannah Martin, Silver/White Wristwatch with Black Synthetic Leather Strap

The first item in my January 2019 WristBabe package was a silver/white wristwatch with a black synthetic leather strap from Hannah Martin.

Hannah Martin Ladies Womens Watch on Red Pillow

Description & Thoughts

This analog watch is quite nice, even though it’s just a fashion watch. The overall impression is minimalistic, refined, and classy, and it would pair equally well with casual and more formal outfits.

The movement mechanism is Japanese quartz.

The white face has a diameter of 36 mm and uses colorful metallic lines for the hours.

Hannah Martin Ladies Womens Watch Face

The case is silver, and the strap is 18 mm thick and is made of sturdy black waterproof leather.

Hannah Martin Ladies Womens Watch Strap Fastened

My wrists are a bit small, so I tend to shy away from the larger and bulkier watches. But this one is on the large side in a good way, and it looks trim and chic.

My only complaint is that my watch arrived with a dead battery, so I can’t even tell if it works, and I have to pay another $10 or so to switch the battery. It’s a bit of a letdown because it’s just another task to add to my to-do list.

Retail Value

WristBabe does not provide information about the retail values of the pieces in the box, but we estimate the value of this watch to be around $25.

Stock Up

We were not able to find this exact watch available for sale online. But if you would like to get this watch in different color combinations, you can grab them in the following colors from Amazon:

Rhinestone Heart Bracelet in Rose Gold

WristBabe January 2019 Rose Gold Heart Bracelet

This rose gold bracelet has a rounded wire band, and it is a single, clasp-less piece with a gap to slip it onto the wrist.

The ends of the cuff are adorned with a rhinestone-studded heart on one end and a smaller plain heart on the other.

While I like the concept of this bracelet, it is a little on the younger and cheaper side for my taste.

Slide Cuff Silver Bracelet with Etched Pattern

WristBabe January 2019 Silver Cuff Bracelet

This silver bracelet is also clasp-less but is designed as an interlocking, sliding band that can be pulled open to fit around the hand.

The band is flat and tapers to a thinner size near the sliders, and the entire band is etched with a pretty star and dot pattern.

I love the design of this bracelet, and I can see myself adding it to my regular repertoire of everyday jewelry.

Value & Verdict

My monthly cost for this subscription is $45.

I enjoyed my selections this month. For three separate pieces, $45 is a fair price, but this subscription definitely has more of a curation focus than a savings focus.

WristBabe January 2019 Haul on Table Diagonal

And as we have previously noted, WristBabe does not disclose the brands of the pieces. So even if you love something, it would be tough to seek out more items from the same company. So this box does not really check the “brand discovery” box.

Overall, this subscription is great for someone who wants to build their watch and bracelet collection without investing the time to shop and follow the latest trends in jewelry.

WristBabe January 2019 Haul Bracelets Overlapping

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General Information

For general information about WristBabe, including subscription options, cost, shipping, tracking, packaging, charitable giving, and customer experience, see the WristBabe Overview post.

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