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WristBabe Subscription Box | February 2019 | Unboxing & Honest Review

WristBabe OverviewThis is an honest review and unboxing of the February 2019 edition of the WristBabe Watch and Bracelet subscription.

WristBabe is a monthly jewelry subscription box for women. Each box contains either one wristwatch, one bracelet, or both, in each case handpicked to match your style preferences. The subscription is meant to inject some affordable and high-quality style into ladies’ watches, without the cheap and ugly toy material that is often used in watches for women.

Each WristBabe subscription is tailored to your specific style profile, so your selection of items may differ.

WristBabe February 2019 Shipping Boxes

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The Haul

WristBabe February 2019 Haul on Watch Pillow

This month, I received the following items in my box:

  • Shengke, SK Wristwatch with Silver Mesh Band (K0049L)
  • Three-Piece Corded Bangles Bracelet Set in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

Shengke, SK Wristwatch with Silver Mesh Band (K0049L)

The first item in my February 2019 WristBabe package was a silver/white wristwatch with a silver mesh band from Shengke (SK K0049L).

Description & Thoughts

I was excited to receive another silver watch, but this time one with a slightly smaller face and a silver mesh band.

It has a snapping clasp, which I prefer to a punched hole fastener because of its lower profile. It’s always better to have less bulk on your wrist when you have small bones.

The movement mechanism is quartz.

The white face has a diameter of 32 mm, and it is debossed with subtle horizontal lines for a bit of texture. The number markers are small silver dots, and there are no numbers printed on the dial.

The case is silver, and the strap is 15 mm thick and is made of a silver mesh.

I really enjoy this watch. It’s elegant and simple, and it would go with almost anything.

Retail Value

WristBabe does not provide information about the retail values of the pieces in the box, but we estimate the value of this watch to be around $33.

Stock Up

If you would like to grab this watch for yourself, you can grab it on Amazon.

Three-Piece Corded Bangle Bracelet Set in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

WristBabe February 2019 Haul Bracelets Overlapping

This bracelet set has three bracelets in silver, silver gold, and rose gold. Each bracelet has a flexible corded band with a braided look, and there is a rhinestone-studded ring accent around the bands in a matching tone.

These bracelets are a bit oversized, like bangles, but the corded bands actually stretch a bit as well. I love this concept because you can get the single-piece bangle look without the painful squeezing that is normally required to get bangles around your hand.

These bracelets look cute and trendy when worn together, but they would also work well alone.

The only thing I don’t like is that the charms end up floating to the bottom, so you can’t really see them. You can try to twist the bangles together, given how stretchy and flexible they are, but they probably won’t stay unless you secure them with some sort of hair tie (maybe a clear baby tie?).

WristBabe does not disclose the sources of its bracelets, but the bracelets I receive look identical to the ones available at Fresh Frenzy.

Value & Verdict

My monthly cost for this subscription is $45.

I loved my selections this month, especially the pretty bracelet set!

For three separate pieces, $45 is a fair price, but this subscription definitely has more of a curation focus than a savings focus.

WristBabe February 2019 Haul In Row Flatlay

And as we have previously noted, WristBabe does not disclose the brands of the pieces. So even if you love something, it would be tough to seek out more items from the same company. So this box does not really check the “brand discovery” box.

Overall, this subscription is great for someone who wants to build their watch and bracelet collection without investing the time to shop and follow the latest trends in jewelry.

Love what you see? Subscribe NOW!

WristBabe February 2019 Haul In Box Crinkle Paper From Right

General Information

For general information about WristBabe, including subscription options, cost, shipping, tracking, packaging, charitable giving, and customer experience, see the WristBabe Overview post.

Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our monthly WristBabe reviews.

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Let us know what you think of the February 2019 delivery from WristBabe in the comments below, and feel free to share pics of your own selections. As always, we love hearing from you.

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