Willoughby Book Club (Kids) January 2020 Date Blocks and Book I Can Be a Maths Magician by Anna Claybourne
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Willoughby Book Club: Kids Edition | December 2019 | Unboxing & Honest Review

This is a review and unboxing of the December 2019 Kids Edition of the Willoughby Book Club subscription.

The Willoughby Book Club is a UK-based monthly book subscription for kids and adults who love to discover new books.

Subscriptions for kids are available in several versions, each of which is focused on a different age range. Subscriptions are then customized to the interests and reading level of the child, so each recipient will receive a separate selection of books. The Kids Book Club is for children aged 4-12 years.

Willoughby Book Club (Kids) January 2020 Wrapped Book

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The Book

The December 2019 shipment of the Willoughby Book Club Kids subscription contained a paperback version of the book “I can be a Maths Magician,” by Anna Claybourne.


This book is packed with activities and games that are designed to show children how math is relevant to the real world.

For example, there is a page about shapes that “tessellate” when combined into a repetitive pattern, like the hexagons on a beehive, compared to non-tessellating shapes like circles. The hands-on activity asks kids to trace multiple copies of six different shapes and then try to get them to fit together. A fun idea and pretty advanced vocabulary and concepts for kids!

My Thoughts

My son is obsessed with math and ran off to read this book as soon as it arrived. The activities will take him a while to work through, so it’s a great rainy day selection. And what mama doesn’t appreciate educational activities that are also entertaining?

Retail Value

The MSRP of this book is £5.99 in the UK and $8.99 in the United States.

Stock Up

If you missed this box or didn’t receive this book in your box, you can get it from Amazon.

Value & Verdict

My total monthly cost for the Kids Book Club subscription is £14.50 (~$18.92) .

As you can see, Willoughby Book Club subscriptions are not boxes to buy for retail savings. UK subscribers will just about break even with the price of the box, but other international subscribers will be paying a slight to substantial premium over U.S. retail value. For example, with shipping costs, I paid a 110% premium over US retail for this month’s book. But of course the price of the book was low, which makes the shipping seem disproportionately expensive compared to the price of the book.

However, it’s worth considering that the price of this subscription might not end up being too much more than you would have to pay for the books anyway, because depending on where you live overseas, there may be a steep premium on English books and a poor selection. So even though no one really pays the full MSRP for books these days, you may not fare quite as badly as this analysis makes it appear.

But nonetheless, this subscription is really more for the careful curation and selection of great books. For the convenience of getting a personally curated selection of new books for your young reader and watching your child sparkle with joy when unwrapping the monthly selection, this subscription is a winner.

General Information

For general information about Willoughby Book Club subscriptions, including theme options, cost, shipping, tracking, packaging, charitable giving, and customer experience, see the Willoughby Book Club Overview post.

Also, you can click here to see our other Willoughby Book Club unboxings and reviews.

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Let us know what you think of the December 2019 Kids Edition of the Willoughby Book Club subscription in the comments below. Did you get a different book? Are you satisfied with your pick? As always, we love hearing from you.

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