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Say It With A Sock | Unboxing & Review | March 2019

This is an honest review and unboxing of the March 2019 edition of the Two-Pair Womens Graphic Sock of the Month Club from Say It With A Sock.

Say It With A Sock is a monthly subscription service featuring brand name socks in four different subscription options: Mens, Womens, Girls & Boys. Adults can choose between graphic socks (“loud and out there”) or pattern socks (“more subdued and formal”).

Because each Say It With A Sock subscription is customized, your selection of socks may differ.

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The Socks

In my March 2019 pack from Say It With A Sock, I received two pairs of socks, a cornflower blue and red pair of pizza socks and a matching pair of striped socks.

Cornflower Blue & Red Pizza Socks

The first pair of socks features a pizza print full of small, scattered pepperoni pizza slices.

The socks are cornflower blue with red toe/ankle accents and yellow heels.

Rather than pizzas, the soles feature the whimsical message, “Nice Slice.”

Like February’s popcorn socks, these pizza socks are fun, whimsical, and seriously American. They are the third pair of blue and red socks that I have received so far. In fact, I have received one in every package so far. So I am hoping that I start to receive a bit more color variety in future shipments.

Striped Socks

The second pair of socks features a print of diagonal cornflower blue and white stripes.

The toes and ankles are banana yellow, and the heel is a matching cornflower blue.

The print extends to the sole.

I adore the colors and print of these socks. They are vibrant and fun, but abstract enough that they can be worn in most casual settings.

Delivery Times

My sock pack shipped on March 8, 2019, and it was delivered to me in Tokyo, Japan, on March 15, 2019.

  • Delivery time: 7 days
  • Average delivery time (as of March 2019): 9 days

Value & Verdict

With my options, the monthly cost for this subscription is ~$19.83. Assuming that the retail value of the socks is about $12 per pair, I am saving $4.17 per month over retail.

The striped socks were perhaps my favorite pair so far, and so I was very happy with my delivery this month. I am hoping to see a bit more color variety in future deliveries.

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General Information

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