Enjoy Leggings January 2019 leggings worn shot of ankles and feet
Review Unboxing

Enjoy Leggings | January 2019 | Unboxing & Honest Review

This is an honest review and unboxing of the January 2019 delivery from Enjoy Leggings.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Mailing Pouch on Wood Table

Enjoy Leggings is a monthly subscription service for, you guessed it, leggings. Not just any leggings, though: the world’s softest leggings! Each month, you will receive one pair of leggings in a fun and fashionable pattern handpicked by the Enjoy Leggings team. The leggings are manufactured by Enjoy Leggings’ partner manufacturer, so this not a brand discovery subscription. But trust us, you will agree that the soft and stretchy material is heavenly!

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Sticker

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The Leggings

This was my first month as Enjoy Leggings subscriber, and I was so excited to see if the leggings lived up to all the hype.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Flatlay Leggings Folded in Three

When I removed the leggings from their pouch, I was immediately struck by the incredibly soft fabric. Enjoy Leggings promises to deliver the softest leggings around, and they do not disappoint!

The pattern itself was also fun and stylish, with great colors. I can definitely wear these leggings in place of my regular pants without being out of place, whether at the gym, yoga class, or strolling around town.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Flatlay Leggings Folded in Half

The opacity of the fabric is also top-notch. Here, you can see that the fabric thins out only the tiniest bit when stretched across my folded knees.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 leggings worn shot of folded knees

Around the hip and butt region, the fabric has a lot more room to stretch, so there does not seem to be much risk of an embarrassing see-through incident with even the loudest of underwear prints or colors.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 leggings worn shot of ankles and feet

Somehow, despite the opacity and incredible softness, these leggings are also pretty thin, so they don’t cause any stiffness that might interfere with even the craziest of yoga poses or stretches. I love to sit cross-legged or with folded knees, and these leggings are really flexible compared to all of my other pajama pants and loungewear. If you like a more slimming effect, these leggings may not have the structure and squeeze that you need, but for everyone else, they are absolutely perfect!

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 leggings worn shot of thighs to toes

The hem is also sturdy and clean, so the quality of these leggings is great overall.

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Leggings Folded in Three

Value & Verdict

My monthly cost for this subscription is $26.65.

I adored my leggings this month! The pattern is fun and unique, with great colors. The fabric is unbelievably soft, and they are so stretchy and comfy. I am psyched to build up my collection with a bunch of other fun patterns.

And because Enjoy Leggings donates a portion of its profits to charities that help promote positive body image for girls and women, I can feel good about supporting a great cause while feeding my wardrobe with leggings that spark oodles of joy. Double win!

Love what you see? You can subscribe through Cratejoy or directly through Enjoy Leggings. Do it now and thank us later!

Enjoy Leggings January 2019 Leggings Folded in Three

General Information

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