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Our Mission

At Expat Box Life, we are committed to providing the best possible free content to our readers.

Therefore, in order to provide valuable reviews of as many subscription boxes and related products as possible, we may:

  • Receive commissions and incentives when you click the links on Expat Box Life and make purchases from the linked third-party sites. See Affiliate Links for details.
  • Receive free samples and other free items in exchange for reviewing these items on Expat Box Life. See Free Samples for details.

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Honest Reviews

Expat Box Life does not accept compensation in exchange for the promise of a positive review. Therefore, all opinions on this page, whether negative, positive, or neutral, are our own.

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Financial Independence

Expat Box Life has no direct or meaningful financial interest in any subscription box companies, other than off-the-shelf investments through mutual funds, ETFs, etc.

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Affiliate Links

What is an affiliate link?

Expat Box Life contains many links to websites that are owned or operated by third parties.

The third-party links on this site may be “affiliate links.” If you click on an affiliate link and place an order with the owner of the external site, we may receive a commission, special discount, or other benefit(s). This is our reward for referring you to that site.

How will I know if I am clicking on an affiliate link?

If you click a link and the top-level domain of the destination site is not, you have clicked on a third-party link.

You should assume that any third-party link on this page is an affiliate link.

As our affiliate relationships grow, we may edit previously published posts to add new affiliate links or to change old links to links with affiliate functionality.

Why do you use affiliate links?

The commissions and incentives from affiliate relationships help us to keep the site up and running. For example, they may pay for the cost of subscription boxes. Additionally, they allow us to earn some tangible benefits from this project.

We are committed to offering in-depth content for expat subscription box lovers that cannot be found anywhere else on the net. As such, we spend a lot of time researching and publishing our posts. Commissions compensate us for the hard work that goes into this process. Most importantly, they motivate us to keep the lights on and let us know that we are introducing you to products that you really love!

For more information about affiliate links, check out this helpful summary from affiliate network Awin.

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Free Samples

On occasion, Expat Box Life may publish reviews of products that we have not purchased. For instance, a subscription box company may offer to send us a free box in exchange for a review on our site. In this case, we may agree to this proposal.

Why do you accept free samples?

Some sites promise never to review free samples. However, we believe that a similar policy would be a disservice to you, our readers. For instance, we do not have the financial resources to purchase all of the boxes that you want to hear about. More importantly, there are many entrepreneurs working on exciting new projects. It is easier for them to find us than it is for us to find them!

How will I know if a post relates to a free sample?

Whenever we receive a free sample box in exchange for a commitment to publish a review, we will include the following text at the bottom of the post:

The box reviewed in this post was a free sample. We received this free sample in exchange for our commitment to publish a review, but we made no promises about the content of the review. Therefore, all opinions in this post, whether negative, positive, or neutral, are our own.

If the review post for a product or for a specific edition of a subscription box does not contain this disclosure, Expat Box Life has paid for the box using the typical customer subscription channels. Box overview posts will not contain sample disclaimers.

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