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Boxes Around the World

When I moved to Japan from the United States in 2014, I had to break up with my subscription boxes and monthly crates, as none of them were shipping abroad at the time. But times have changed, and there are now a number of great bags and boxes that will ship to international addresses, some for very reasonable prices.

This site features ONLY boxes that offer worldwide shipping, and the reviews and overviews are tailored to the questions that expats would have. How long does shipping take? How much does shipping cost, and is the box worth this extra cost and hassle?

Your Reviewer

My current home is in Tokyo, the food and shopping capital of the world, but sometimes my family still needs a good dose of beauty and lifestyle products, home decor, books, toys, and other goodies from the Western world.


I am the mother of two lovely kiddos, BoxBoy, age 6, and BoxGirl, age 3.


I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, including myasthenia gravis (a rare autoimmune disease causing neuromuscular weakness), type 1 diabetes, endometriosis, asthma, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Further, we are a family with multiple food and environmental allergies, including peanuts, chickpeas, and walnuts.

All reviews on this site will provide commentary on accessibility issues, including special information received directly from the box companies about their inclusion efforts and the steps they will take to accommodate special health and dietary needs.


I hold a professional degree, and I used to live life in the fast lane as a corporate warrior in New York City.


I live in a tiny condo in a high-rise in central Tokyo, in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle.


None! Anyone want to give me a puppy?